Searching for Own Self: on the Boundary between the Ethical and Religious Stage


  • Zuzana Blažeková


instant, leap, boundary, individual, God, Either/Or, Kierkegaard, existentialism, philosophy of religion, religious experience


In the article author deals with analysis of Kierkegaard`s categories of leap and instant which predicate of human existence in some way. Man as an original and unique being in himself is hard apprehensible and effable. Kierkegaard`s in some sense existential philosophy offers conspicuous reflection of man and his inner life. Method of indirect communication used by Kierkegaard indicates that if we want to grasp human existence phenomenon we have to manage with only indirect and particular assumption. Even a concrete man is not able to grasp his existence in a whole way and at any time. There is only one place where the possibility of self-understanding and self-ownership becomes open. It is just a boundary or range of ethical and religious stage of life. That is the reason why the aim of the article becomes a searching for an answer on a question: „What is happening on the boundary between ethical and religious?“