Odczarować ZWDPF – zespół wrodzonej dezakceptacji płci fenotypowej


  • Anna Karnat-Napieracz
  • Zbigniew Liber


biological sex, perceived gender, brain sex, somatic sex, phenotype sex, sexual identification, gender recognition


Disenchanting Inborn Gender Identity Disorder Syndrome: Reflections on Małgorzata Bieńkowska’s book Transsexualism in Poland. The individual and social dimension of crossing over the binary system of sex (2012): This article reflects on an in-depth reading of a publication exploring the question of transsexualism and transsexuals in Poland, as well as the experiences resulting from the medical care of such individuals. The first part of the text is a supplement with essential information from the medical field, which to a large degree is uncovered in the book under review. The second part presents critical comments relating to the book’s contents both in terms of the information it contains (on a theoretical level) and equally in terms of its research (on an empirical level). In the conclusion, both the overall positive aspects of the publication as well as its weaker points are summed up in general terms.