Plutarch w Semeioseis gnomikai Teodora Metochitesa


  • Katarzyna Jażdżewska



Plutarch, Theodore Metochites, reception, Byzantium


Plutarch in Semeioseis gnomikai of Theodor Metochites The paper focuses on the reception of Plutarch’s Moralia in Theodore Metochites’ Semeioseis gnomikai. It discusses chapter 71 of Metochites’ work, one of several chapters focused on ancient authors, which is dedicated to Plutarch. Metochites praises Plutarch as a wise man and a philosopher and in particular approves of his character. According to Metochites, Plutarch was not tainted by the usual flaws of intellectuals such as envy and arrogance, but was motivated by a pure love of wisdom and generously acknowledged the achievements of his predecessors. Metochites interprets Plutarch’s erudition, polymathia, as a sign of a noble, high-minded nature, and therefore as evidence of moral virtue.