Alexander Bonini of Alexandria’s Commentum super tres libros De anima Aristotelis


  • Krzysztof M. DĄBRÓWKA


Franciscan philosophy; natural philosophy; classification of sciences; University of Paris in the Middle Ages; science of the soul


Alexander of the Bonini family (ca. 1270–1314) was born in Piedmont Alessandria. Having joined the Order of Friars Minor in the Genoese province, he took up scholarly work. In the late 13th century, he went to Paris to teach theology and philosophy at the University of Paris. His scholarly work resulted in commentaries on: Metaphysics, On the Soul, Sentences and Quodlibeta. In 1303, in Rome, he received a master’s degree in theology and an appointment as lector of the Lateran Palace. From 1308, he climbed the career steps within the Franciscan Order, culminating in 1313 with the election of Alexander of Alessandria as the General of the Order of Friars Minor. He died a year later and his memory survives mainly through his works. The paper consists of two parts. First one, introduces to the edition of principium together with the expositio and quaestiones to lemma 1 from Alexander Bonini of Alexandria’s commentary on De anima, Book 1, and the second part presents the edition itself.