Paul of Pyskowice’s Autonomous Question Utrum universalia subsistant


  • Hanna WOJTCZAK


Cod. BJ 1900; Albertus Magnus; opinio Platonis, opinio Vicklefistarum, opinio Aristotelis; universale in potentia; universale secundum actum; universale in re, post rem, ante rem; universale pro eius formali/materiali/essentiali significato


The subject of the present article is a critical edition of an autonomous question Utrum universalia subsistant by Paweł of Pyskowice († ca. 1467), an eminent Kraków scholar. The question is preserved on a loose two-leaf fold and is now attached to Paul’s commentary on Isagoge contained in cod. BJ 1900, held in the manuscript collection of the Jagiellonian Library in Krakow. This question, however, does not form a coherent part of cod. BJ 1900. On the basis of the hand testimony and taking into account the fact that the quire was not bound together with the codex, the probable time frame of the quaestio with its accompanying glosses is 1423–1445. The degree of originality of this autonomous question cannot be determined at the present stage of research, nor has a text been found that may have been a direct source for Paul.Only two fragments incorporated by Paul without any references have been identified. Their ultimate source is Albert the Great. There are two apparatuses in the edition: fontium, which contains the identification of direct and indirect quotations of the source texts; editorial, which shows corrections, deletions, additions, marginal glosses and lacunae due to paper decay.