Próba „odczarowania” teorii wielości rzeczywistości Leona Chwistka — kontekst historyczny


  • Tomasz FEMIAK


aesthetics; theory of art; multiplicity of realities; metaphysics and aesthetics


An attempt to ‘disenchant’ Leon Chwistek’s theory of the multiplicity of realities: the historical context: The paper is a commemoration of the 100th anniversary of the publication of Leon Chwistek’s The plurality of realities. His theory was one among other theories aiming at presenting a uniform image of reality. Various theories of the multiplicity of realities constructed at the same time were a response to the problem in science that appeared at the turn of the 20th century. The author reevaluates Chwistek’s thought from a new research perspective, one which has not been widely discussed to date. In this approach Chwistek turns out to be not only a critical rationalist but also a critical pluralist. By presenting the historical context, the accusation of the bizarreness of Leon Chwistek’s theory of the multiplicity of realities is overturned. Contrary to other conceptions, Chwistek’s theory does not present itself as isolated and eccentric but as a work belonging to the mainstream of philosophical research of the epoch.