Soziale Gerechtigkeit im Wohlfahrtsstaat. Zum normativen Gehalt materieller Deprivation


  • Gottfried Schweiger


social justice, poverty, material deprivation, David Miller


Social Justice in the Welfare State. The Normative Content of Material Deprivation: The issue of global poverty is one of utmost importance and has gained increasing attention from political and social philosophy. In philosophical literature, severe forms of poverty and inequality between rich and poor countries are central, while ‘relative’ poverty, which is common in richer countries, has gained much less attention. In an attempt to fill this gap, I will explore the philosophical substance of poverty and social exclusion in the context of welfare states. I discuss David Miller’s theory of social justice and the concept of material deprivation as it is used by the European Union. My main assumption is that material deprivation is socially unjust because it violates the three principles of social justice: need, desert, and equality. This finding will be explored on a theoretical level as well as considering empirical insight. Against this background, I will conclude with remarks on the possible contribution of social and political philosophy to poverty research.






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