Koncepcja realności w późnej filozofii Nietzschego


  • Konrad Pyznar


spiral metaphor, will to power, will to life, will to truth, awareness, reason, ecstasy, art, ecstatic kratophanic dance


The Concept of Reality in the Late Philosophy of Nietzsche: The paper presents the considerations on question of reality and the related epistemological topics in the third period of development of Friedrich Nietzsche’s philosophy. While analysing this area of Nietzsche’s philosophy, the author of the paper pays special attention to the issue of life, which can be described as an ever-ascending spiral. The author elaborates on this metaphor by putting it in the context of a concept of an ecstatic kratophanic dance, as presented by Zbigniew Kaźmierczak. The author begins his considerations with an interpretation of Nietzsche’s views on three cognitive organs, consciousness, reason and metaphysical language, and their role in creation of the concept of reality. The next step is a description of the structure of the will. In the last part of the paper, the author presents an analysis of the concept of reality by comparing the results with the metaphor of an ever-ascending spiral.





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