Plaisir and jouissance: The case of potential and textual reading of Barthes’ theory


  • Elżbieta Kołdrzak


Roland Barthes, interpretation, theory of text, logo‑technique, thinking with body, theory of cultural practices


The article is an attempt of the analysis and the interpretation of the categories ‘pleasure’ (Fr. plaisir) and ‘delight’ (Fr. jouissance), in the context of philosophically oriented theoretical-literary considerations of Roland Barthes, sacrificed to the mystery of experiencing of the love. The part first, referring mainly to Barthes’ works, recognises the range of the semantic field plaisir and jouissance, as categories basic for the textual language of the outstanding theoretician. The second part introduces three examples of western cultural practices which illustrate the manner of use plaisir and jouissance as the factors of textual structures.