Spór o korzenie nazizmu. Hannah Arendt i Erica Voegelina koncepcje źródeł zjawiska


  • Tomasz Borycki


Hannah Arendt, Eric Voegelin, totalitarianism, political philosophy in the twentieth century


The dispute over the origins of Nazism: Hannah Arendt’s and Eric Vogelin’s views on the sources of the phenomenon of Nazism: Published in 1951, The origins of totalitarianism was a quantum leap in Hannah Arendt’s academic career. The book made her one of the most important scholars of Nazi ideology. Arendt’s work also won wide acclaim, partly due to a critical review by Eric Voegelin, which did not remain without responses from the author (both in public and in private correspondence). This paper tries to reconstruct the debates of Hannah Arendt and Eric Voegelin (including in the articles New science of politics and Some problems of German hegemony) on the origins of Nazism.