Estetyka a granice języka. Ludwig Wittgenstein i Arthur C. Danto


  • Karolina Glazor-Pomykała


Ludwig Wittgenstein, Arthur C. Danto, family resemblance, language game, language of logic, language of philosophy, essence of art, essence of reality


Aesthetics and borders of language. From Ludwig Wittgenstein to Arthur C. Danto: The article is an attempt to pinpoint the areas of Ludwig Wittgenstein aesthetic thought, in which he is crossing the borders principally imposed upon the method and the language of his philosophy. I am directing my attention to metaphysical and mystical motifs of his reflection devoted to aesthetics, the essence of art and the essence of reality. I wish to discuss this issue based on the texts of Arthur C. Danto containing analysis of chosen notions of Wittgenstein’s aesthetic investigations. Additionally in this matter I am appealing to appropriate theses of Leszek Sosnowski and Wojciech Sady, concerning above issues.