Obraz wojny domowej z lat 83-82 przed Chr. w Żywocie Lucjusza Korneliusza Sulli Plutarcha z Cheronei


  • Tomasz Ładoń




Plutarch, Lucius, Cornelius Sulla, First Civil War, Late Roman Republic, Sulla's Commentari


An image of the civil war of the years 83-82 BCE in Plutarch’s the Life of Sulla: The author of this article is interested in how Plutarch of Chaeronea created the picture of the Sullan War in Parallel lives, especially in the Life of Lucius Cornelius Sulla. Firstly, the author notes that in presenting the civil war Plutarch was dependent on the Memoirs of Sulla. But not only. There are fragments from other source too, probably the same that Appian of Alexandria used. Therefore the Author wonders to what extend Plutarch was tendentious in presenting the Sullan War. Secondly, the author shows which moments of the Sullan War were of especial interest to Plutarch of Chaeronea and tries to answer why some of the events (for example the negotiations between Sulla and Scipio) Plutarch was to described so briefly. Finally, the author indicates why this report of Plutarch of Chaeronea remains a very important source for any historian of the civil wars in Rome.