Liberalizm wobec polaryzacji politycznych


  • Janusz A. Majcherek



illiberal democracy, ideological dichotomies, political pluralism


Liberalism and political polarization: The customary classification of the ideological doctri- nes in democratic systems, which expanded along a left-right axis, is nowadays obsolescent and has been deconstructed. At the same time, the close and strong connection between de- mocracy and liberalism, on which the primary model of liberal democracy was established, has been broken in many places of the world. The emerging of illiberal democracies has made the liberal component the main criterion for the classification of contemporary political systems, instead of dividing them into democratic and nondemocratic systems as before. Numerous ideological options could also be classified as being contrary to the liberal one. Liberalism has thus become important in the typologies and analyses of contemporary political systems and ideological options as the opposite to those systems on many new axes.